Austin Paquette

Welcome to my personal website.

I am focused on building beautiful web experiences. I have a particular interest in Design Systems & Developer Tooling

I am a full-stack developer. I also fit the mould of designer that codes. I can, and will, enthusiastically discuss API versioning semantics, idempotence (and the HTTP header draft spec).

My heart though... truly lies in front-end development. Color Systems, Design Systems, Polymorphic Components, Accessibility, Hardware Accelerated Animations. Working on these problems at scale are what get me up in the morning and keep me interested.

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It won't take you long to see it, but I am obsessed with design systems & accessibility.

15% of the global population lives with a disability. Not including temporary or situational. My contribution back to the world is making the day a little bit easier for someone who might endure struggles I know nothing about.

I have remained relentlessly committed to building technology that empowers others to go do great things.

Color contrast is an important aspect of accessibility. Good contrast makes it easier for people with visual impairments to use products, and helps in imperfect conditions like low-light environments or older screens.

I have spent most of my career helping companies and colleagues transform from start-up to grow-up.

I have had the great pleasure of mentoring many talented developers. I love helping enthusiastic and inquisitive minds reach the next level of their careers.

Nearly half of my working time is spent building "living" documentation, preparing and giving presentations, or providing supportive guidance on the decision making process behind how an implementation matured into it's current form.

Austin is a very experienced developer with a solid understanding of how to produce some of the best digital experiences you'll ever see. As a Designer and a Frontend Developer myself, I have acquired a lot of career influencing work experience from Austin. I simply can't thank him enough.

Thank you Austin, for regularly setting the bar very high

Very very very well done dude, you're a great presenter!

That's it.That's the whole website.

Thanks for scrolling. Find me on GitHub