MyOSRS is an open-source web application designed for Oldschool RuneScape players. It contains a superset of tools, skilling calculators and developer utilities. The motive for this project is to create (and maintain) a better experience when calculating experience gains, time expectations while keeping in mind any profit/loss estimates in the process.

A Quality Calculation Experience

Using the bleeding edge of what web technology has to offer, MyOSRS provides a beautifully designed interface for all 23 skills available in Oldschool RuneScape.

It also allows you to take into account all sorts of modifiers, filters, and GP gains or losses including (but not limited to): Filtering member's only content, filtering out actions that you do not have the level to perform and the optional inclusion of outfit bonus experiences.

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An open-source web app designed for OSRS players that contains a superset of tools, and skilling calculators.

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