MyOSRS is an open-source web application designed for Oldschool RuneScape players. It contains a superset of tools, skilling calculators and developer utilities. The motive for this project is to create (and maintain) a better experience when calculating experience gains, time expectations while keeping in mind any profit/loss estimates in the process.

A Quality Calculation Experience

Using the bleeding edge of what web technology has to offer, MyOSRS provides a beautifully designed interface for all 23 skills available in Oldschool RuneScape.

It also allows you to take into account all sorts of modifiers, filters, and GP gains or losses including (but not limited to): Filtering member's only content, filtering out actions that you do not have the level to perform and the optional inclusion of outfit bonus experiences.


  • Account Context Switcher - Multiple Accounts can be stored to your device. No authentication is necessary. Add your accounts, your friends and even your favourite content creators.
  • Skill Calculators - Calculators are divided into two (2) categories, Combat and Non-Combat.
    • Combat calculators are far more comprehensive with their time calculations and are incredibly accurate, but not always precise.
    • Non-Combat calculators are incredibly precise. They include all of the Gathering, Artisan, and Support skills.


MyOSRS is built using a handful of wonderful open-source softwares.

  • For the application itself, it's using TypeScript on the NextJS (React) framework.
  • The design is handled almost entirely by TailwindUI.
  • Custom API endpoints do most of the data merging and manipulation (built using my own RuneScape API package!). These endpoints are mostly just light abstractions or aggregations of the methods already available on the runescape-api package.
  • Code Quality is enforced by Prettier and ESLint working in harmony.
  • GitHub Actions are used for Continuous Integration and CodeQL Analysis against vulnerabilities (no user data is accepted right now but if that changes in the future I want to be extra safe).
  • Deployments and hosting are handled entirely by Vercel.

Future Roadmap

This roadmap does not have any prioritization to it, they're in no particular order and may or may not get done depending on what is requested by users.

  • Formalized REST (and maybe GraphQL) API - MyOSRS has already made use of it's endpoints quite heavily. They rely directly upon the unofficial, slow, and sometimes unreliable "endpoints" provided by Jagex. This is still very much in the planning phase but will help speed up usage of MyOSRS considerably.
  • Forum Signatures - Are these even still a thing? Cause I could make it a MyOSRS thing too.
  • Mobile Applications - It might be interesting to have a mobile app that empowers mobile-only Oldschool players.

This project is live!

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An open-source web app designed for OSRS players that contains a superset of tools, and skilling calculators.

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